Breast Cancer Cells Photos

Breast cancer cell photos

Breast cancer cells, Scanning electron micrograph, Colour-enhanced image of a breast cancer cell.

Breast Cancer Cell Photos

Scanning electron micrograph. A cluster of breast cancer cells showing visual evidence of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in yellow. There are breast cancer cells photos.

Breast cancer is a cancer that starts in the cells of the breast. Worldwide, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer (10.4% of all cancer incidence, both sexes counted) and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. Worldwide, breast cancer is by far the most common cancer amongst women, with an incidence rate more than twice that of colorectal cancer and cervical cancer and about three times that of lung cancer.

However breast cancer mortality worldwide is just 25% greater than that of lung cancer in women. In 2005, breast cancer caused 502,000 deaths worldwide (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths). The number of cases worldwide has significantly increased since the 1970s, a phenomenon partly blamed on modern lifestyles in the Western world.

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  1. No doctor can ever priedct the future especially with cancers- though we are asked to do this every day.If she is old ( how old ?), she may die of natural causesbefore the breast cancer progresses to affect her health.I do not see why she would refuse a simple lumpectomy,but maybe she is very old.We have so little medical information here.Her doctor has all of her medical history and has examined her.That is the person to ask.I’ve seen people with advanced breast cancers live for many years.

  2. I want to know that “cirrhosis” a type of liver inflammation in acute stage is Cancer…if yes then how can be treat?

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