Elvis Presley Caricature

Elvis Presley Caricature Photo

Elvis is from United Statef of America. He plays guitar and piano. Now we could remember him with his hair and beard. Elvis Presley has lots of fans also now. The caricature shows him.

Elvis Presley was singer, musician and actor. He is a cultural icon, often known as simply “The King” or “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”…

As you see comments about Elvis Presley, he is the best. I think he is more famous singer and person than Michael Jackson.

Elvis Presley has special and fantastic fans. There are lots of products about Elvis. That is not easy to have a famous like this.

Elvis Presley hair style photo picture

Elvis Presley’s new photo. That is Elvis Presley hair style photo. The photograph was taken by Alfred Wertheimer. Elvis’s hair style was also famous.

Elvis was the king…

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164 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Caricature”

  1. i love elvis aron presley, he is my Biggest fan. but it was not a funny picture πŸ™ heah <3

  2. Thank ya all for ya love an’ appreciation. That picture o’ me is tottaly of the hook! I LOVE FRIED PEANUTT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES!!! uh huh huh

  3. Elvis Presley was the greatest guy ever to live. I admire him so much it’s unbelievable! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!

  4. this is a good drawing but a bad caricature of the king and to you who say it was not his falt he was a drugy thats a lie… people can controll doing and not doing dugs its called controll(no duh) but he was a great singer and a even better person, drugs dont make u an @@@, being stupid as hell does like saying something like this “ELVIS was sooooooooooooooooooooo yesterday o maybe 65millon years ago” or “tht pic is kwl i wouldnt 1 of me like tht lol every 1 knows he didnt really look like tht so shut your mouth’s and chill out its a bit of fun u bunch of loosers” so be cool when usee this pic its just a pic and only that and long live rock n roll

  5. elvis i fuckin hot and that is not a bad drawing altought he was not that fat.but the person that drew him did a good job.so shut the fuck up u peaple at least it looks a littlke like elvis.dammet he is so hoooooooooot!all of u guys are fricken ass holes,bitches,hoes ok so bye peaple!bye pendejos!he is so hooooooooooot!

  6. That’s just wrong. why should you put a picture up like that. it wasn’t his fault he was fat he had lost control of his life. he was addicited to precription drugs that he didnt know was bad for him. he never got anything near that fat and the only reason he ost control of his life was because his mangement team overworked him and insted of saying ‘we will help you get through this’ they forced him to play at more an more concerts untill he forgot his word and started cryin, untill he was so tired he had help getting on and off the stage, untill he needed drinks halfway through his concerts and pages of his own words to help him remember them. its just sick that you would put a picture of him up like that. you should respect Elvis as he is an not take the mick. an he was very good lookin in his younger years! i love you Elvis, the king of rock, you live on in everyone of your songs and in eveyones hearts, never forgotten, alwayss misssed xxx ‘Elvis isnt dead!’- scouting for girls xxx

  7. Know wat! I was just looking for some pics of Elvis for my moms birthday and i see this. This isnt funny at all. Im not much of an Elvis fan but my mom is and hes really good. I know some people have their own opinions and thats okay but if that means making humilating pictures to inocent people, than your just one of those people that are making our world horrible. And I agree with Jess. you should respect him because you probaly have a much better live than he did. You werent ever worked that hard, because you people have parents that love you and he didnt. He was the parent, he was too tired and weak. So back off! I’d like to see wat you would say if you were worked like that. And again i agree with Jess so respect him. He was a really good singer and he didnt deserve to be worked like that. So if you wanna say something about Elvis member how bad his life was and think about how hard it would be on you!

  8. well tamara if i am a hoe than at least im a hoe that wants ppl to stop making fun of him and read my comment and see why! and it is good but its horrible to draw an innocent person like that

  9. ELVIS DOES NOT SUCK! HE IS THE HOTTEST THING TO WALK THIS EARTH! Before posting these types of things on internet, please stop to think who you might offend.

  10. This man is amazing…My grandad was born in the same street as elvis. but 20 years later.elvis went back to the street and my grandad was playing his guitar on the street..he was singing a song He learns to roam the streets at night and he learns how to steel and he learns how to fight in the ghetto, Elvis payed my grandad $14,000 for it and back then that was alot..I also have Elvis’s first “Bunny” His blue guitar its on my wall…Dont disrespect the man who shaped my life you dumb Kid!

    Elivis is my Idol

  11. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo elvis is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll leave elvis alone pen is

  12. OMG!!!! Thats well Tight, I love Elvis And You Just Take The Micky!!!!! πŸ™ Your Evil.
    Your Ment to respect the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Elvis was seriously HOT, this drawing really portrays nothing but the later years where he was older and less in shape than when he was younger. His voice was nothing short of amazing amazing either! ……seriously though super hot, he was.

  14. omg!!! that pic of elvis is soooo not kewl!!! yall need to get a life if u think that this is funny!! wat the hell makes u think dat this is funny!!!!! he is the king!!!! he is the best thing that ever happened!!!!

  15. that shows no f—– respect who ever put this on is a fu—- cu –t Elvis was and always will be the inspiration and back bone of rock and fu–en roll

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