Elvis Presley Caricature

Elvis Presley Caricature Photo

Elvis is from United Statef of America. He plays guitar and piano. Now we could remember him with his hair and beard. Elvis Presley has lots of fans also now. The caricature shows him.

Elvis Presley was singer, musician and actor. He is a cultural icon, often known as simply “The King” or “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”…

As you see comments about Elvis Presley, he is the best. I think he is more famous singer and person than Michael Jackson.

Elvis Presley has special and fantastic fans. There are lots of products about Elvis. That is not easy to have a famous like this.

Elvis Presley hair style photo picture

Elvis Presley’s new photo. That is Elvis Presley hair style photo. The photograph was taken by Alfred Wertheimer. Elvis’s hair style was also famous.

Elvis was the king…

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164 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Caricature”

  1. Google search caricatures. They are meant to make most look as goofy as possible. I really love Elvis’s music, and most handsome man ever, but you have to try to laugh.

  2. Elvis died from drugs because he took so many, and the reason he took so many was so he could be energetic and stay awake to practice and do performances! he did it for his fans!

  3. Any pictures, cartoons or any other material humiliating this great generous caring humanitarian Elvis Presley should be removed. Thank you.

  4. I can’t belive you think I am Fat I am Just Big Boned and stuff please I should not be made fun of or I Elvis Aaron Presley will haunt you All! Thanks and please remove this sad item of me! I have Family that does not need to see this kind of stuff think of my poor daughter! Thank you Very Much
    ~The King~

  5. I Can’t Belive that you haven’t Yet Removed that Stupid Picture of Me Please Do So Imidietly!
    ~The King~

  6. i am so sad that my pinpal died me and him were really close we had dinner together 🙁 Do you guys wish he was still alive????

  7. bob you suck your saying a bunch of crap because your a bastered now stop being rude and stop typing your like a cyberbully to elvis oh and i think that your65million yearsold

  8. Elivs was, and will remain a King. This man has influenced and changed so many lives. Yes, he did have a drug problem, and yes he got overweight. But that hardly gives any right for this picture to stay up. It’s rude, and freankly offensive. Please, please take it down!

  9. I can’t stand evlis he was a drg attick and I love Michael jackson more becuase he was better then evlis and Michael Jackson is my dad or was my dad! Boo hoo to evlis my dad told me he mollesed kids! So see yah suckers!

  10. Boo hoo to evlis! He will not fight till the end hes not a champion! Thats why he died DRUGS! HAHAHAHA now lisa Ain’t got a dad!

  11. oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! you are prefect (pedar sag).
    you just take the micky!!!!! your evil your ment to respect the dead!!!!(mi gooz ti gaz)

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