Laptop Photo from Hundred Years Ago

Laptop Photo from Hundred Years Ago

Laptop Photo from Hundred Years Ago… It seems a laptop from hundred years ago. Photo designers are so smart to make project… You have to be so smart to make a project like this. I don’t know who made this photo but it is gorgeous. I share this photo with you.

That photo has been circulating for sometime. This would be a “steampunk” item. You can google that term to learn more about it.

What is your idea about it? Is it a photoshop project or real photo?

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6 thoughts on “Laptop Photo from Hundred Years Ago”

  1. Well done.
    Judging from the design flaws, reflections and components used. I would have to say it’s real. Most men with an IQ less than 140 would not be able to make such a fake.

    Good job (fake or not)

  2. Uh, this is the steampunk laptop, as stemp says. It has been floating around the internet for yonks so it shows how much research you do…

  3. Bence bu gerçek bir laptop. Ancak üzerine tekrardan photoshop da yapılmış olabilir.
    (I think, that’s a real laptop. But perhaps they made photoshop, too.)

  4. That’s a great image of what could possibly be either one helluva craft-labor project or basic CGI-level 3. What’s interesting is that 2 of the corners of this image are “cut off”. I have a foto that I found on SLOVNET.RU, some two-months ago, which shows the entire “Jurassic” computer. (direct link:…InternetPhotos, I like you Guys; stumbled upon U, while networking on Google. Good Luck and keep up the good work!! —RD

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