Paradise set in a Deep Quarry – Songjiang Hotel

Songjiang hotel deep water quarry hotel photo picture

Songjiang Hotel is in China. Everybody calls it “Paradise set in a deep quarry”. Songjiang Hotel is designed different by Chinese people…

If you go to China to have a holiday, you can stay in Songjiang Hotel… You want to go different and unbelievable vacation, you could go Songjiang Hotel (Paradise set in a deep quarry) in China holiday.

It would be the most different holiday for you. It is designed like a swimming pool, it is like waterfall.

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39 thoughts on “Paradise set in a Deep Quarry – Songjiang Hotel”

  1. This is so fascinating
    I wish to take me and my friend son my stag do here
    it will be so exciting

  2. I dont care about this quarry. I love Jasper Cullen off twilight. Hes a f****** Legend!!! Oh and hi connie who likes his brother- Edward! And Hi megan! And KTG And Jess and alexa 😛

  3. realmente es hermoso y me gustrai ver mas sobre este magnifico hotel.. y
    por favor si es que pueden enviarme una imagenes mas de este increible hotel.

  4. Guys, are you stupid? This place does not exist. I went to Songjiang in Shanghai last week and this hasn’t even been started. They made plans for it back in 2005 or something. Dom- your wishes just came true. It isn’t any good, this is China.

  5. i am ejaculating on this picture right now and atthe sam time touching infant boys…wow this pic makes me soooo horny

  6. Fantaztic… It could be a real object with hi-tech touch… Let me know when this project starting…

  7. I might kill to go to a place like that. Well no I wouldn’t, but I still want to go. It seems very relaxing.
    (I’m going to Anshan first though. I want to see 刘阳 老师 there. )

  8. However, since such place probably doesn’t exist, I’ll just go straight to Anshan and ignore the rest. (note to self, MUST climb the Great Wall) It’s a really pretty picture though.

  9. The picture either looks photoshoped or made in a 3d modelling program, however i have seen someone said they have been there so i guess its not. Very preculiar.

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