People’s Masks Photo, Character Masks

Peoples Masks Photo picture

People’s Masks Photo, Character Masks. When you gets up, you take out your sleepy face and you choose a mask what you want to be like that…

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30 thoughts on “People’s Masks Photo, Character Masks”

  1. Bloody brilliant. Is it ok if i use this picture on the front of my thesis? I am writing about the becoming of a mask… really fitting i must say. Let me know.

  2. hi as u can see my name is laura,im taking my gcse in art and i just past this picture.if u could i wood like for u to send me info on the artist,and background on the picture.thank you.

  3. im doing an Alevel in art and i think this picture is fantastic, i’m looking into the idea that people wear masks to hide emotions or as a front, if it is at all possible i would appreciate any information on the artist , many thanks

  4. I love the peoples mask photo and as I have chosen to do masks in my GCSE art I would really appreciate some more information on the artist.

    Thank You


  5. like many of the people on here I am also studying masks and the reasons people where them. Can you send me the information on the artist of the picture please?

  6. this is a fantastic picture, i’d love to use it for my gsce art work. could you send me some information on the artist, this piece itself, and any other work from this artist please?

  7. im going into my final degree year in sept, got a few ideas at what to look into but this pretty much sums up my direction. If any of you are looking into this aswell then venetian masks are a good thing to look into as the meaning/history beind them is quite relevant.

  8. Hey, as what many of them said, I’m also doing about masks and this image is really very relevant to my art piece and I would like to use it as my artist reference. Is it all right if you could tell me more about the artist? I really need this for my ‘N’ levels. Thank you.

  9. This photo is perfect for a bulletin cover for our church – the message is on masks we use. May we have permission to use it on our cover?

  10. marvelous idea actually i’ve wrote a poem talking about this, peaple have many faces use it in thier life

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