Paradise set in a Deep Quarry – Songjiang Hotel

Songjiang hotel deep water quarry hotel photo picture

Songjiang Hotel is in China. Everybody calls it “Paradise set in a deep quarry”. Songjiang Hotel is designed different by Chinese people…

If you go to China to have a holiday, you can stay in Songjiang Hotel… You want to go different and unbelievable vacation, you could go Songjiang Hotel (Paradise set in a deep quarry) in China holiday.

It would be the most different holiday for you. It is designed like a swimming pool, it is like waterfall.

Alaska Adventure Travel

Alaska Adventure Travel Pictures

A couple of kayakers encounter a whale!

Alaska Adventure Travel Vacation Kayakers Picture

Two kayakers examining Alaska’s coast

You want to have much more time in Alaska Adventure Travel. There are lots of hotels and pensions to spend the night. If you go to Alaska travel, don’t turn back before doing adventure and ecotourism. There ara lots of travel agencies, you could go there with Alaska agencies.

Alaska is BIG! When planning your trip allow enough time for the regions you want to see and the things you want to do. All you need to do is determine what type of activities and adventures top your “must do” list and choose the regions that offer those experiences. Alaska offers the following and more:

Adventure & Ecotourism

Wildlife Viewing

Backcountry Experiences & Hiking

Kayaking, Rafting & Canoeing

Flightseeing & Helicopter Tours