The Biggest Dog in the World, Turkish Shepherd Dog

The biggest dog in the world is Turkish Shepherd Dog.

These Turkish Shepherd Dogs are only 11 months old. This Turkish Shepherd dog is not Sivas Kangal dog. Both of them are specialised for Turkey but they are different.

If you search for internet to have Turkish Shepherd dogs, there are lots of person to send all over the wold.

Turkish shepherd dog couple are here. That is the worlds largest dog.

This is not Turkish Kangal dog. This is a kind of Anatolian Shepherd dog. This one is the biggest dog in the world. You could watch and see their video in here.

That is the link of the biggest dog in the world :

What are the Steps i Need to Take to Donate Real Estate?

New York real estate photo

What are the Steps i Need to Take to Donate Real Estate?

Step 1 – Complete the Donation form or Call us “Donate Real Estate”

We have a team ready yo answer any questions you may have by calling 888-228-7320 toll free 7 days a week. Or just complete our donation form first so we can familiarize ourselves with you property and we will reply within 24 hours.

Step 2 – Complete the Deeds, Record, Process and Transfer Ownership

Now that you have chosen to move ahead with yout property donation or charitable gift annuity, we provide the necessary paperwork needed to transfer ownership to our organization. Each state and county is different and we work closely with you by providing all necessary forms.

* Your only expenses with the real estate donation is a property appraisal and any title transfer fees.

Step 3 – Check your mail for your tax documents arrival

As soon as we take possession of your propery and the ownership transfer is finalized, we complete all necessary paperwork and mail everything you will everything you will need to declare your tax deduction. The turn around time depends on the speed of the county you donate from, we have found the entire process is usually complete in only 2 to 5 weeks.

New York real estate brokers and agents

Complete your CE conveniently and easily from the comfort of your home. Completing any of our quick and easy New York 22.5 hour renewal packages is all you need to renew your salesperson or broker license.