The Benefits of Saunas

The benefits of sauna photo

The rise of the body temprature increases the production of antibodies.

Antibodies are cells that the immune system produces in order to protect itself from infection. Saunas speeds up the blood flow, making you look and feel healthier and refreshed. The intense sweating balances the water level in your body and heps you get rid of toxins such as: lead, nickel and mercury.

It also relieves pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis.

In a single sauna session approximately 300 calories are burned. Sweating by sauna is relatively healthier than sweating by exercise, since there isn’t so much loss of minerals such as salt.

Regular sauna sessions gives the heart and the whole cardio-vascular system a good exercise while helps the tissues receive more oxygen. A sauna session in the evening helps you get rid of the exhaustion of a stressful work day.

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