Swine Flu Virus Photo – H1N1 Photo

Swine flu virus is an influenza virus. H1N1 Swine flu virus is an influenza A virus. You can learn the parts of swine flu virus in this photo. That is swine flu virus photo.

Swine flu virus photo - H1N1 photo

The parts of H1N1 (swine flu) photo.

PB2 is an avian polymerase. PB1 is avian and human polymerase. PA is an avian polymerase. HA is human or swine origin. NP is swine origin. NA is a human or swine origin. M and NS are swine origin.

There are “helps initiate infection” and “binds to receptors on host cells” parts.

Most countries have all reported first H1N1 deaths in their countries. You can protect yourself against H1N1 swine flu virus.

H1N1 swine flu winnie the pooh painting image

Just for laugh. This swine flu virus image is from Winnie the pooh cartoon. Piglet is sad about it.


Symptoms of swine flu are very similar to those of seasonal influenza. If you feel ill, stay home from work and school. Because an infected person can shed the virus 24 hours before symptoms start, and up to seven days later. If you exhibit symptoms and believe you may have swine flu, call your physician before making a trip to see him or her, then follow advice on how to proceed.