The Most Expensive Hotel Of Turkey Is Hotel Les Ottomans

The construction of Hotel Les Ottomans was originally a shore named Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Shore in Kuruçeşme, İstanbul. This shore was built in 1880. After the shore had burned in 1939, it could not be used for a long time.

Then, an woman entrepreneur, Ahu Aysal Kerimoğlu has bought and restored here to materialize her own dream. This hotel costed her for $5 million because during the restoration of this shore, Ahu Aysal Kerimoğlu had worked together with lots of famous artists such as interior architect Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu and gilding artists.

The hotel, which is full of Ottoman patterns, has 12 suite rooms and these suite rooms have the names of some sultans of The Ottoman Empire such as Kosem Sultan, Devlet Hatun and Hurrem Sultan.

Hotel Les Ottomans is on the Bosphorus River and this is one of the important reasons which makes it the most expensive hotel of Turkey. Prices of  suites change suite by suite. For instance, if you would like to stay at the suite of Nurbanu Sultan, you should pay just 1386 Euro per day.