Romantical Love Painting

Romantical Love Painting Photo

Lovers are in raining weather that is romantical painting. Fall in love painting picture. I like so much this photo. It is so romantical… Oil painting picture.

Is romantism important for you?

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283 thoughts on “Romantical Love Painting”

  1. This is a great painting photo …..the color combination is just magnificent which made the painting to stand-out more.. _^^

  2. but now i love his mate Perry Yeadley but we are mates! 🙂 he was gonna set me up wiv his bro buti said hes 2 tall!

  3. I could have painted a better picture with my dick, just saying…and this picture is pure gayness at its peak whoever did this “art” is a total douche bag..

  4. This is a incredible painting…… full of love & Hearth touchable feeling………..

    Showing the True Love feeling……..a very deepest love ever………………..

  5. this can be a perfect gift for my husbnd to make him remember about our old memories xactly shown in the picture,its beautiful

  6. OMG!! This is by far the best artwork i have ever seen in my whole life time its so amazing 🙂 i would so buy this artwork. the colour used and how its all combined together is just so amazing and beautiful. i cant believe this artwork i am so amazed and i want this artwork so bad 🙂 its so full of love and heart

  7. HEY!! Just thought I should let everyone know that there is actually a website in which you bid for Leonid Afremov Paintings 🙂 this picture is actually available right now (bidding $139). Enjoy!!!

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