Romantical Love Painting

Romantical Love Painting Photo

Lovers are in raining weather that is romantical painting. Fall in love painting picture. I like so much this photo. It is so romantical… Oil painting picture.

Is romantism important for you?

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283 thoughts on “Romantical Love Painting”

  1. i’ love the colours of this oil painting and the rain on the ground. it’s so lovely. it more like a romantic walk than romantic love but it works so well. love

  2. a masterpiece…it could of been from many places, but it reminds me of where of i’m from, boston… it makes me want to be part of the painting, it pulls me in, it comforts and leaves me wanting, to experience, and wishing I was part of the precious quiet moment, of nothing but an occassional breeze, rustling of the leaves, the soft veil of falling rain, to hold the arm of someone who loves me…

  3. d painting is toooooooooo beautiful. d painter has depicted d intense nd true love so beautifully!

  4. I really want to know who the artist is and the what name of it is! im doing an art project and this painting is perfect!

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