Istanbul Views

İstanbul is very important city for the world.

Istanbul views

İstanbul is very crowded where live about 14.000.000 people. And somebody has a job in Istanbul  but don’t live the city. They go to Istanbul in morning and come back in evening.

Istanbul is peninsula. Black sea is north, Marmara sea is south and has a Bosphorus.

People catching a fish.

There are two mosque in the rear. They have unique architecture.

Istanbul Night

About 16 million people live here.

Istanbul night

Istanbul is historical, rich, crowded and beautiful metropolitan city,

It was capital of Roman Empire, East Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire. But it’s not a capital now.

But most important city for Turkey. Because twenty-five per cent of  Turkish live in Istanbul.

It lives for 12.000 years so Istanbul is important for the World .